How I Met Davette


How I Met Davette, My Sweetie Pie……….

Where I am right now in my life began April 6, 1990. This is the date of the first service I attended at the Jacksonville Assembly of the Body of Christ.
Deana & I were a mess! There wasnt anything but violence and resentment left in our relationship, there was “JD” her five year old son from previous marriage with whom was just reunited with us after a year with his father who took him on the run with him (illegally) from a weekend visitation. Father spent a year in prison for that! But, nevertheless, I had no relationship JD, momma fixed that! We had Patti, who was just born in March, we decided to look for a church that had a school we could enroll JD into, to keep him out of public school system.
I was working at a warehouse at the time, there were two men working there, one was this bitter seeming guy who was trying to get me to come visit his church over on St Johns Bluff Rd ( where me and Christine visited a few times back in \’85\’) and the other guy was named “Louie”, he had a “peaceful/realistic” spirit about him, which impressed me, he invited me to his church over here on the westside. I remember driving by this weird looking church with Christine and she saying the folks at the other church on St Johns Bluff used to tell her that this church was a cult! And if you read an earlier writting, you see what I said about cults.
But anyway, December 21, 1991 – during the end of a Wednesday night service, Pastor was ending the service with a few announcements and prayer requests, said ” I want yawl to pray for a brother\’s daughter – Davette – she is driving up here from Bradenton she wants to be a part of this church, now when she gets here, dont go trying to get her married off to someone!”
Now when he said that, I just knew that had something to do with me????, not only that, earlier that day, I was informed that the divorce that Deana had filed in Indiana where she has been living since she left in March, months before, was final! I had never even seen this Davette ! I did not say anything to anyone, just went along my merry way.
About this time, God was really dealing with me, I had never been a part of any people, I was a misfit. I could not get into little league, ymca, cub scouts, skate boarding, ice skating, when I would go hang around downtown ( before the “mall” generation started) I did it alone. I know girls looked at me, but I never had the slightest idea what to say to get a conversation started, so none ever did. One time while sitting in the Woolworth store diner part, the waitress asked me if I were mad? I said no, why you say that? She said ” you look so angry!” At that moment  was the beginning of my analytic ponderings of myself. Before this, I knew nobody liked me, but had no idea of why. This statement had a rightness about it. I did not mean to be or look angry, but I WAS ANGRY!
“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!”

Oh…that I were a happy person.
That was 1969 or 70, I was 13 years old. I stayed unhappy & miserable looking and didnt start trying to do something about it until 1991, when I heard a brother in church testifying say how he spent time in front of mirror, practicing smiling, readjusting the facial muscles, because after awhile your face forms to what state it spends the most time in. Well, I never could get myself to look in mirror long, but it get me thinking why people dont like being around me. I did practice and still do, for it does not come very natural for me to look pleasant, that dosent mean that you smile all the time, but I could have a pleasant coutinence.
Oh….that I were a happy pleasant person!
As I was saying, God was dealing with me. I was brought here of The Lord, I did not just stumble up on this, ” A mans heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. –Proverbs 16:9
He brought me here to be released from my bondage. I was a prisoner of what I had become “me”, so opportunities started popping up that I took advantage of.
There was a brother in the church that had aquired a business that seemed everybody in the church had either worked or had worked with. It was a terrible job, but it was an opportunity to be a part of what everyone here was doing, I could be a part of this people! So since I had a CDL license I asked for a job, he said yes. So I quit my warehouse job and went to work with him.
The first day on the job was gruesomely hot & steamy, another brother got stuck in the mud with his ” Toter” truck (homemade mobile home hauler) and in order to get out of mud he tried going backwards, so they put a metal mat under his back tire, he spun that mat right up into the fuel tank and spilled almost all of one full tank into mud next to a pond of another brothers house. My job was to clean the mess up before going to work until some very late hour of the night. I started at $50.00 a day, most days started at 5am and ended around 10pm offtimes much later!

This job everybody hated! It was not fun at all! Wake up early load concrete blocks on truck, go get wide load trailer, drive it to wherever( sometimes taking 8/9 hrs to get there) level, set with the blocks, then dig the holes with posthole diggers and twisting the tiedown anchors in the ground and attaching the straps from trailer to them, then the 8 hour drive home ( if the truck didnt break down!) everyday was a new adventure/nightmere!
But still, this is “UP” compared to where I came from. And,…. I was becoming part of a people/blending.
It was early in my time at “C & B” that Davette arrived, she was the daughter of the brother that sold “C&B” to the bro that I worked for, she really did not know why God wanted her here, she just knew He did bring her here! I still had no idea, no thoughts ever entered my mind concerning her!
I did notice around the church and during some fuctions, that Davette was not being included by the ones that do the including, I thought it unfair, so I would mention in private to them, that she shouldnt be ignored, but that dosent mean that I liked her or anything, right?
So after awhile people were urging her to talk to me, then it was metioned to me that she might be one to consider talking to. So, somehow… We found ourselves oftimes working together on church cleanups or things like that, one time as I was cleaning out a burnt out classroom near where she was staying, she was pushed out the door by her friend and told to go over and talk to me, then locked her out, so she came over, I dont think I talked much, she was uncomfortable I think, also, it was very dusty too!
One day as I was driving home from somewhere, lo, I see a traffic mishap and there I see a lone sister in the church standing there next to her car involved in the crash. Well I cant leave her alone there, so I stopped and stayed with her til the police got there, then went and got her uncle to go and help her.
Much later, after we were engaged she told me she prayed that morning asking God why she was here and please show her if she was going to marry someone here. So she was at a stop sign in front of another car, she went in middle between the four lanes waiting on the southbound traffic to get in, he shot accross the northbound lanes thinking the other she was already gone, and rearended her, eeeeeecks! Before I got there, another brother Louie the other eligable bachelor drove by her – slowed down – beeped his horn and drove by. Later I stopped, then she remembered the prayer she had earlier, she said – NO….! – not him Lord!
August 13, 2011


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