You Shall Know The Truth…


You Shall Know The True……And The Truth Shall MAKE You Free!

This second year was a settling down time for me, The Lord allowed my ears to hear things that I never would\’ve thought I\’d ever be able to hear, I never thought I would have ever been able to be taught these things that I thought everyone else knew.
Commonsense stuff like;
I was learning about real life things,
Letting dogs keep their bones, too many times I got bit trying to take them away from them!
Don\’t force square pegs into round holes.
Don\’t be afraid to ask why, we should know why!
Trust not in my own understanding.
What people think about me will not make me or break me!
As a man believeth so he is.
Best way God can humble me – just show me myself,
God is not going to bring us in here at our peak; he brings us here at our lowest!
We are all common folks, look beyond our faults!
All flesh stinks.
Crucify old man How do I this? I must know what the old man is.
Is pride good?
Let every man examine himself
I have two kinds of dogs in my heart, black and white, and the one I end up with is the one I feed them most.
Whatsoever you sow, that shall you also reap. – An immutable law of God!
Anyone that will gossip to you will gossip about you.
Goals: Make a plan and work that plan
Faithfulness / the highest attribute
Obedience / better than sacrifice
Dumb questions are better than foolish mistakes
By the time a child is 4-5 years old, his personality is already formed.
How to treat and talk to your wife and children
Attitude does determine altitude
Never criticize, complain, or compromise!
Identify the source of the problem or you\’ll not have power to overcome it.
Live above the filth and accusations.
Emulate good examples of good examples.
Start giving that,  that I need, love, joy, peace, smiles…..
A root of bitterness will prevent me from smiling.
It\’s not important how much you have; it\’s where you put what you have.
Deny the negative, heap to yourself positive.
Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Get a bulldog grip on this thing.
Concern myself with things that I have control over – I can\’t help what others say and do! I must go on.
Don\’t trust emotions, passions.
Smile is a blessing – frown will bring me down.
Glad heart people are glad to be around me.
Put on charity.
My course way, and my course way of thinking, connected to my course talking mouth, has always got me more trouble than I could get myself out of. Then I would just say what was in my mouth, then thinking about it and  immediately, regretting and falling into self condemnation for what I said, I found it better to say nothing at all! Its a little better now, I still have those course ways about me, but I just don\’t blurt it out so fast now, I can say now “oh yeah? you think I am bad now, you ought to hear the things that I am not saying, that used to be I could and would!” So I am so thankful to God for bringing me here, and He has been and is still helping me where I need help and not just telling me its gonna be alright in the sweet by and by.
Forgetting those things which are behind. Phil.3:13. Till you meet certain conditions, you can\’t reach some things. But God will give you the wherewith to attain those heights.
I found out that salvation comes in three phases; saved from past sins, being saved from sins I would do, and will be saved! This is not an instantaneous salvation when it\’s all said and done. This salvation is a procedural process.
Being less than what I ought is sin – Pray God will make me useful!
Though now, I have discovered, these are not things that everybody knows to be able to teach, especially my teachers (which is everything I learned from on my way to here).
I was loving this!
I loved going to church, I wouldn\’t miss a single service, and I haven\’t missed many in the almost 20 years I have been here. I need every one of them and then some! Maybe these services are boring to some, but I feel like if I miss even one service, it would be like a missing link in a chain. God is offering me (a hopeless wretch) hope.
I have hope, and this is just the beginning!


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